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Northside Cemetery

Northside Cemetery, located on Ash Branch Road, is a beautiful city owned and maintained cemetery. In 2012 the cemetery was refurbished with new fencing, paving and lighting through private donations and SPLOST funds.

Cemetery lots are available in two sizes:

1. 10 ft x 10 ft lots cost $1100 and are for the interment of two.

2. 10 ft x 20 ft lots cost $1800 and are for the interment of four to five.

Application for a Cemetery Lot Purchase 

Once a lot is purchased, an annual fee of $40 is assessed to cover the cost of city maintenance. Before performing any work in a purchased lot, an application for a permit must be completed and submitted to City Hall.  There is no fee for the permit, it simply serves as notice to the Superintendent and allows the city to monitor any damages which may occur to adjacent properties. Click here for a permit application.

For your convenience, you may click on the following link to read Title 4, Chapter 3 of our City Code of Ordinances regarding cemetery regulations.

Cemetery Lots Available for Purchase

For additional information, contact City Hall at (912) 653-4413.