A Historic Railroad Town

Parks and Recreation

The City of Pembroke’s Recreation Department is located at 91 Lanier Street in the City’s Municipal Park. The facilities that are housed within the Recreation Department consist of a swimming pool, skate park, and softball field. A sidewalk also surrounds the entire park and makes a great walking or jogging path.

Recreation is recognized as a vital contributor to community growth. As a result, the City has endeavored to create recreational activities year round instead of seasonal. Youth sports have been an area of interest in helping to grow the department with the hopes that more opportunities will arise for adult focused activities as well. T-ball, soccer, pool activities, skateboard competitions and movies in the park have been successful campaigns for the recreation department with hopes for growth and more community interest. Community residents are encouraged to learn more about the recreational activities being offered. Suggestions are welcome for future activities that would enhance the needs of Pembroke and its citizens.