A Historic Railroad Town

Planning & Zoning

The Pembroke Planning and Zoning Commission was created by the City Council in order to guide and accomplish a coordinated and harmonious development of the city which will, in accordance with existing and future needs, best promotes the public health, safety, morals, order, convenience, prosperity, and the general welfare of the citizens.

The Commission is comprised of five volunteer citizens of Pembroke who are appointed by the City Council. Individuals or businesses must submit applications to the Planning and Zoning Commission if they desire to change the zoning of their property, apply for a variance or to receive a conditional use permit such as to operate a home office in their residence. The board members follow the procedures set forth by the state of Georgia for a public hearing for the application. The members, receiving all the needed information and studying the issue using the ordinances adopted by the city, make a recommendation to the City Council. The City Council then makes the final decision on application.

The purpose of these rules and regulations and the specific procedures that are followed is to protect citizens and their property. It provides for organized growth in all areas without infringing on the rights of others, provides for controlled growth, and a safe and healthy environment for all citizens.

Bryan County is currently handling permitting.

Pembroke Subdivision Regulations
Sign Ordinance
Tree Ordinance
Wireless Communications Facilities Ordinance
Zoning Ordinance

Amendment to Zoning Ordinance Section 3-19 Manufactured Homes 

THE PEMBROKE PLANNING AND ZONING MEETING DAYS HAVE CHANGED!!  Beginning in April 2024, the planning commission meeting will be held monthly on the third Thursday of the month rather than the second Thursday of the month.  The meeting time will not change, and will continue to be at 6:30PM at Pembroke City Hall, 353 N. Main Street, Pembroke, GA.  The next planning and zoning meeting will be held on April 18, 2024!